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Ernesto Torres for Mayor of Belize City

Belize City resident Ernesto Torres is once again making a run as an independent candidate for Mayor of Belize City. Torres made his official announcement this morning before the media at his Belize City home. The Mayoral hopeful said his focus will be on improving the City’s infrastructure.

Ernesto Torres – Independent Candidate for Mayor

“I have no team with me, I have no financers ,I am doing it all by myself for quite some years this is the third time taking a shot at it as an independent Mayorall Candidate. I have great trust that this time the peoples pulse is telling me that “Ernesto Torres get ready because you next. The responsibility of a city council, nothing here of course, city council alright is to care for the city for Belize cities infrastructure. That is the purpose of city council. Clean the street, dump the garbage, keep the drain in a condition that the water flows that it doesn’t clog, care for the streets in general, you have parks that need attention they need lights, and you can see how we feel like we have lost taste of humanity in Belize City with these councils of the past. I will care for you, alright I will do my endeavor to keep you happy with and with lots of comfort and lots of satisfaction. I want you give me a chance people to prove to you that I mean what I say and I will say what I mean. I will work together not only, we must work together as one, not only with the council but with the year representatives and work, we can’t be working against each other. This is what is ham bugging our country this red and blue thing mek we dump out they thing man.”

Torres says he is financing his own campaign. Municipal elections will take place on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.