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Escape covict said to be hiding in Belize City

On Tuesday, we reported that twenty five-year old Kevin Bodden, who was charged for the murder of Kendis Flowers, which occurred on March seventeen, had somehow escaped police custody. He somehow got away while being escorted to the bathroom by an officer of the Queen Street Police Station. According to Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo, although Bodden is still being sought by the police, they are aware that he is in hiding within the city’s borders. Cowo also said the officers who were responsible for Bodden’s escape are currently suspended as an internal investigation is ongoing.  However, due to the frequency of prisoners who have escape from police custody,  Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams felt it necessary to address the situation.

Deputy Commissioner of Police: “Well Indeed yes it is a matter of grave concern to us. Once a prisoner is in our custody we must ensure we do our utmost best to keep him in our custody until the court decides where he goes. In this particular incident with Mr. Bodden yes we have rules that governs the cell block area and from what I have been briefed the rules were breached by the officers working there at that particular moment hence the reason why they have been placed on disciplinary charges in respect of the breach that they did that led to the escape of Mr. Bodden.”