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Escape from the Police Station

Three men on remand for burglary escaped from the police station in Independence Village. They were awaiting a court date but it seemed that they took advantage of the harsh weather conditions last night. ACP Joseph Myvett says that they have launched a manhunt for them.

ACP Joseph Myvette: “Escape of three prisoners from the Independence Police station sometime last night between 8 and 9 pm. Police officers reported that there were three prisoners who were on remand and were taken back to Independence Police Station for a court hearing. Sometime during that time they made good their escape and they are known as Selvin Linarez 20 years, Gregory Flowers 25 years and Kendale flores 22 years; all of whom were remanded for the crime of burglary.”

Reporter: “Are these individuals considered dangerous?”

ACP Joseph Myvette: “No they are not considered to be dangerous as they were only charged for burglary. A man hunt is currently on to try and re-capture these escaped prisoners as well as there is an ongoing investigation in relation to the escape.”

Reporter: “Your investigations are preliminary but could you say whether they cut through the bars or they pick the lock?”

ACP Joseph Myvette: “It is my understanding that the cell door was damaged, damaging the lock. This apparently occurred during the process of a thunderstorm some last night.”

Myvett said that there was a fourth person in the cell block but rather than run away and face additional charges, that individual remained in the cell.