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Escaped prisoner wants compensation after being shot during his recapture

A man who was shot by Police in 2015 is hoping to get compensation from the Government as the bullet remains lodged in his body.

A man who was shot by Police in 2015 is hoping to get compensation from the Government as the bullet remains lodged in his body.  Eden Guzman was in police custody in Dangriga and was being transported along with other prisoners to the Belize Central Prison when he jumped out of the police mobile.  Guzman was recaptured and in the process he was shot in the legs and hands.  He has since lost one of his legs and now he is hoping to get the police to pay for medical expenses.   Guzman spoke to our colleagues at Channel Seven recalling what transpired when he escaped.

Edan Guzman: “Well I will say like this I did not escape. While we were going on our way the officers made certain stops in certain places but one of the officers said to me If you guys escape I will shoot you so as we approached Hattieville pedestrian ramp one of the –  I would say they threatened us that if we go, they just threatened us so we made a stop there and I believe it was an attempt because they were telling us that they would kill us and stuff. So it was two of us but they were threatening us so I believe that when we jumped off of the mobile because they were threatening us. I was in the ground waiting for them to arrest me because they were shooting at us so I stood there and I waited for them to come and arrest me right so they did arrest me but while I was there one of the officers automatically shot me two times with a 12 gauge gun, a shotgun, and he shot off my leg. Then another police came, he took his pistols and I remember that he shot me almost 7 times both legs and hands.”

Guzman added that he was advised to get the bullets removed from his body.  He has no money, however, and is now asking the Police Commissioner who will pay his medical bill.  There is another bump in the road for Guzman as his appeal may be too late.

Edan Guzman: “After I got released from the hospital, they just released me and sent me direct to prison but he doctor said somebody said that bullets do affect your body and they poison your blood and i’m having issues walking on my crutches.”

Reporter: Why?

Edan Guzman: “Why , because the bullets are affecting me now for four years now and that’s the reason why I ask who will help to take these bullets out. I have no money to pay. Is it the police department if I go to them? It’s an obstacle for me to walk and the bullet on my left leg that I have here is affecting my knee here. I can’t feel it and it’s affecting me a lot.” “I didn’t make any lawsuit because I didn’t have anyone to help me or support me to make a lawsuit against them and I remember someone telling me that after a year you cannot make a lawsuit against them, so I took it on my own. I would like to directly ask Mr. Chester Willams, right, if I go to the hospital and they give me some bills to take this bullet out that are killing me right now who will pay the bills is it the police department or myself even though I did not make the lawsuit. I went to the Ombudsman three years back now I haven’t gotten any response from them. I want to know what is the outcome.”

Guzman had served prison time for harm and escape.