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Escapee still at large

Christian Neal, Rafael Mencias and Wilser Echeverria escaped from the Belize Central Prison on March 7. The road to freedom was a very short one as the management agency for the prison, the Kolbe Foundation quickly set chase after the three men. Kolbe’s CEO Virgilio Murillo also joined the manhunt.  Two of the men have been captured and Murillo told us tonight via phone that San Ignacio resident, Christian Neal is still at large.

Virgilio Murillo – CEO Kolbe Foundation: “Christian Neal continues to remain at large.”

Jose Sanchez: “What was he imprisoned for?”

Virgilio Murillo – CEO Kolbe Foundation: “He was imprisoned for two counts of robbery and one count of carnal knowledge if my memory serves me well.”

Jose Sanchez: “He is not considered dangerous the way the two murder suspects were at this point.”

Virgilio Murillo – CEO Kolbe Foundation: “Dangerous, not necessarily because the only danger or the only threat he poses to society would be his repeated robbery charges that he has been coming to prison for over the years. His primary types of crime is that of robberies and burglaries, those kinds of things so in that sense he would be more of a threat to the society because there is a possibility that he might rob somebody, or burglarize somebody’s home.”

Jose Sanchez: “ In regards to the two other convicts that you have recaptured who are on murder charges, what have they been re charged for? What is the update regarding them?”

Virgilio Murillo – CEO Kolbe Foundation: “We are planning to charge them for escape no doubt however the police were very busy this week as you may know because of the ICJ so on Monday we will have them come in and press charges of escape again, both of them.”

Christian Neal was serving time for carnal knowledge and robbery at the time of his escape. The Kolbe CEO also provided an update about another prisoner who attempted to escape.  On April 30, Kevin Moore went over the fence during a recreation time and he was shot in his foot and passed away. Murillo says that the autopsy showed that in addition to the injury, the postmortem examination is also indicating he may have asphyxiated on food he ate prior to the botched escape.

Virgilio Murillo – CEO Kolbe Foundation: “All I can share with you is that something has been done and it revealed that he died from Asphyxia. Asphyxia by bronchial aspiration and the firearm injuries rifle type. For those, that is what the doctor diagnosed, the doctor that did the autopsy was Dr. Mario Estradabran I think it was.”

Jose Sanchez: “ And in relation to your own internal investigation? How is that coming along?”

Virgilio Murillo – CEO Kolbe Foundation: “It remains where it is right now, which is he was trying to escape and they fired roughly sixteen shots of which two caught him so that is where we stand. The only apparent gunshots wounds that they found was to both feet as we insisted on every since the day the escape took place.”

Jose Sanchez: “ And in relation to his family, clearly they didn’t take the news well. I mean, what does the prison do in relation now with the family being that their loved one has passed away?”

Virgilio Murillo – CEO Kolbe Foundation: “Well, I don’t know that there is any hostility, I guess the family understands that he tried to escape, the guard did what they had to do. Like I said it seems based on the autopsy and  report that we have on him it would have seemed that he just had breakfast. It looked like when he apparently fell off the fence he may have hit his stomach and food went back up into his lungs apparent to what the doctor claims, that is what they found in his lungs and that is what pretty much killed him.”