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Espat supports Briceno as Party Leader

Julius Espat is also the Area Representative for Cayo South and the Deputy Party Leader for the People’s United Party in the West. Many thought that he would have decided to challenge John Briceno for the leadership of the PUP next month and he explained why he decided not to.


Julius Espat – Area Representative for Cayo South/Deputy Party Leader

“I was offered by the party leader to form his slate as continuing being the deputy from west I accepted that. I’ll explain to you what I am thinking right now. John Briceno and I do not agree on many things but we also agree on a lot of things. I fundamentally believe that the People’s United Party is more social conscious and more productive minded and has a better record in government in general terms than the United Democratic Party. I believe that we come from a base of the people, in fact it’s not what I believe that is a fact so I believe in the People’s United Party but I also understand and know that we have a serious amount of problems and we have a lot of flaws we are human beings and we are a party that is trying to develop this country. At this point in time my decision was based on that we have been fighting for too long under PUP we have had John as leader then we’ve had Francis two times as leader and now we have John back it’s like we’re playing on a merry go round and so I believe and this is just a personal decision that we have to forget about the leader of the party, we have to think about the leaders of the party and I am telling my party for the longest that we are not under a Republican system where you vote for a president, we think that the party leader is God or should be God or that the Prime Minister should be God. You see why Dean Barrow was given that golden opportunity in 2008 and what’s happening now? It’s when you put too much power in one man. We have to think collectively, we are under a system that every leader has a responsibility for their region so my take on it is boss let’s find a way for us to work together. I could disagree but I believe that we are fundamentally brighter, I think we are fundamentally better than the other side, I believe we have more to add to the other side but we can’t do it it if we don’t reach. Now by having the People’s United Party reach government doesn’t necessarily mean that magic will happen and reforms will happen it is up to us, it is up to you and the Belizean people to force it to happen but that is democracy. Democracy gives the electorate and opportunity to have a balance. I believe the People’s United Party has to have an opportunity but it is up to us. I do not believe that we should be sitting on a sofa riding a wave and saying ‘PUP all the way we will reach.’ we have to work for it, we have to prove to the people that we have good ideas, we have to prove to the people that we want to make change and if we don’t make those changes and the ideas that we have are horribly put in place then vote us out and then put somebody else in.”