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Espat Tackles Basic Health in Cayo South

Earlier in our newscast we told you of Julius Espat and his efforts in providing for his constituents in Cayo South.  One of the projects that Espat has been doing in his area is offering basic health care services.  It is an initiative that had gone unnoticed by the media but one that he says has proven quite beneficial to the people of the area.  It is a health clinic, as Espat explained to us yesterday.


“We, on our own, we have a mini NHI in our Cayo South that we had from 2012 where we dealt with approximately 2000 people up to now. The doctors have dealt with about 50 per month and so that has been extremely successful for us and its more preventative medicine.  We don’t believe that it’s only when you’re dying that that is the time to go to the doctor.  So we encourage our people to do preventative medicine which is us bringing in the young children, we look after them, we make sure that they have their vitamins and stuff like that.”


“That mini clinic that you are talking about was your idea and development?”


“Something financed by Friends of Cayo South and the constituency and the Cayo South Committee and it started from a little bit before the last general elections and we beefed it up. We have a doctor in Belmopan to attend to all Cayo South constituents; what they do is, they come to our office and get a ticket and we refer them and we cover the cost and it’s been working fairly well.”

Espat says other areas of concerns in Cayo South are education, employment and land.