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Is there an established motive for murder of Excelsior Principal and friends?

The last time anyone had seen Alarice Andrewin was when she left Excelsior High School on Monday evening. Andrewin’s body was found on Tuesday at her home at mile ten on the George Price Highway along with the bodies of Vidal Yuman and his girlfriend Maria Juarez. There has been some speculation about two incidents that involved Andrewin. On May ninth, her home was burglarized by Wilfred Garbutt, Kevin Bowden, Tyreek Allen and 3 minors (ages 13, 14 and a 15). The police caught them in the act and the officers who made the arrest were given special commendations by the Compol. While that was one incident in her private life, there was a situation at Excelsior High School where she was to give testimony during an internal investigation regarding alleged misappropriation of funds by another employee. The case moves forward with a special task force involving the National Crimes Investigation Branch, the Anti- Gang Task Force and the Financial Intelligence Unit. Today we spoke to the Chairman of Excelsior High School regarding how the students were coping and the misappropriation of funds case.

Jose Sanchez: “How long had Ms. Andrewin been appointed as the Acting Principal?”

Javier Castellanos – Chairman Excelsior High School: “She has been the Acting Principal about three to six months; between those times.”

Jose Sanchez: “And what was the circumstances under which her appointment came? I understand there was some sort of investigation regarding funds.”

Javier Castellanos – Chairman Excelsior High School: “Well, the previous Principal was on interdiction and then she was appointed as the Administrator for that time period.”

Jose Sanchez: “That internal investigation I am assuming is still ongoing?”

Javier Castellanos – Chairman Excelsior High School: “That is an ongoing investigation yes so I will not really to explain anything much on that situation.”

Jose Sanchez: “But in terms of the actual investigations regarding funds that may or may not have been misappropriated, are we talking over $100,000 at least?”

Javier Castellanos – Chairman Excelsior High School: “It is a load sum but I don’t really want to put a number on that because it is under investigation.”

Jose Sanchez: “During this time had Ms. Andrewin had to testify or share some information regarding this particular case?”

Javier Castellanos – Chairman Excelsior High School: “She was a part of the witnesses for the investigation but I just want to leave it at that.”

Jose Sanchez: “So currently in regards to the previous or actual Principal, is she still under suspension, interdiction, she was on leave? What is the actual terminology that you use?”

Javier Castellanos – Chairman Excelsior High School: “She is still on interdiction.”

Jose Sanchez: “Do we know more or less when this case is about to be active, is it still in its infancy or is it something that will be soon wrapped up?”

Javier Castellanos – Chairman Excelsior High School: “I would really want to leave it on that position and I won’t speculate anymore.”

Jose Sanchez: “Now regarding the tragic loss of Ms. Andrewin, I know she is a career educator who loved English and Literature. As the school administration, the board how are you taking the approach to managing students in terms of coping and in terms of moving forward?”

Javier Castellanos – Chairman Excelsior High School: “Yes well, we decided to have the assistance of different schools that came in, also organizations and councilors that will take us forward for this week and probably for next week. We are preparing for graduation, this is review week and next week is exam and this a big inconvenience that came in this week here.”

Jose Sanchez: “I understand that perhaps students and teachers are trying to have some sort of remembrance for her? I see there were some items that were placed on the school doors for example.”

Javier Castellanos – Chairman Excelsior High School: “Yes well, I don’t want to go ahead on this one here but the acting Principal will be appointed and is preparing a visual for the Principal so we will give you the location, time and the venue. I am giving my condolences to all the family right now, the teachers and students that are affected, I would like to express my condolences to them. I would like to say thank you for the assistance that we are getting from all the schools and councils that have reached out to us so thank you for everyone who was involved.”