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European Union provides over 2M worth of equipment to Sugar Industry


The European Union, last week, handed over two million dollars’ worth of equipment to the Belize Sugar Industry Control Board. These include the Sugar Industry Management Information System (SIMIS), and a Sugar Cane Testing and soil laboratory. The SIMIS is a data management and mapping tool which will store data and assist with boosting sugarcane productivity planning and organization of harvest and milling operations.  The Laboratory which uses Near Infra-Red technology, will provide farmers with a fast and accurate analysis of the sugar cane quality delivered to the mill. The information obtained from the lab will also be incorporated into the SIMIS which will enable the industry, as a whole, to enhance harvesting planning, sugarcane quality and yields. The soils Lab will enable farmers to understand the nature of their soils to identify the most suitable crop to plant on a specific parcel of land. The EU under the Accompanying Measures for Sugar (AMS) Programme also provided funding for the procurement of Agricultural equipment.  The AMS Program aims to reduce poverty through support to the sugar industry and the vulnerable groups negatively affected by changes associated with the EU sugar price reform.