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EU’s Sugar Reform will cause Sugar Prices to Fall

The new sugar crop is almost here, and as stakeholders in the industry continue to work towards improving their product, the imminent lower paychecks lie ahead.  Again these are due largely to the sugar reforms in the European market. It became effective in October this year, and at the final payment for the last sugar crop, farmers saw a small dip in payment, somewhere around three dollars are little over that, said Chairman of the Sugar Cane Production Committee Dr. Carlos Itza.

Dr. Carlos Itza – Chairman

“We saw a small decrease of the prices I don’t think it was that bad but we even expected a higher decrease on the price and I think we can say it was not so bad but the one thing I can say is that the best way of increasing and improving the prices is that farmers need to produce more efficiently at the lowest price and also for our sugar to be sold at the maximum price that is how we will make it competitive because the world prices have always been lower than what we have  gotten for our preferential sugar.

But the sugar industry stakeholder was aware of the price cuts years in advance, but how prepared are they, especially farmers?”

Dr. Carlos Itza – Chairman

“I think that our plan has always been to provide the best mechanisms for the farmer to be ready even if the drop further drops I also think that the miller in one moment has also proposed several mechanisms for our sugar to be processed more for direct consumption, they also have other initiatives to further expand their storage capacity and also along comes some investment done at the BelcoGen all those things are very significant contributions done by the miller in order for us not to be losing whatever we would have lost if those actions had been taken.”


“Is there a lot left to be done to assist farmers to be able to survive these price cuts?”

Dr. Carlos Itza – Chairman

“I don’t think that everything that has been done has prepared us for all the changes but I think that launching this project is one of those initiatives to start to prepare the farmer if in case there wasn’t sufficient time but I think this project does provide one of those elements a farmer can see and will see but that will be measured at the end of this year.”

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