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Evangelical Association Calls for Stronger Family Units

The newly formed National Evangelical Association of Belize also expressed its condolences to the family of the three teenage girls that died in the hostel fire over the weekend. The President of the association is Pastor Lance Lewis.


As a group of pastors, we express condolences on the persons who died and we are saddened by the way things happened. I actually happened to be passing there that same day and spent a few minutes and it was really heart wrenching. So we want to start by saying condolences and we also want to say more supervision. As I recently said, where there is no supervision, the children perish. So we ask for prayers for the institution at the twenty-one mile junction and we pray that more will be done to keep children safe. Of course it’s a matter of family breakdown why the children were there in the first place so we believe that there needs to be a stronger family unit in the nation and we believe that everything must be done to preserve the family as we know it, in the biblical sense. Our condolences again to the parents, the relatives of the children who died and we also feel it for the institution that it happened within and to.”

An independent investigation headed by former Magistrate Margaret Nicholas has been commissioned.