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Eviction put on hold

A Belize City woman saved her family and two others from being homeless after she found out that the owners of the house she is renting was having the property demolished.  Love News responded to the area on Baracat Street this morning and found the movers removing the furniture from the lower flat.  The woman, who refused to give us her name, resides on the upper flat and was quick to call out the media and the police to the house.

Tenant The contractors don’t know what they are doing and are breaking down the house and my things are going to fall right now.

Reporter: You got the police involved, what would you like to see the police do?

Tenant: The police already spoke to the people and told them that they can’t break down the house so they are stopping now.

Reporter: What do you intend to do?

Tenant: We have to find a house first.

Smith has been living at the house for three years. Meanwhile, Phillip Nicholas has been living at the residence for approximately fifteen years. Nicholas said that the owners live in the United States.

Phillip Nicholas, Tenant: “My wife pays the rent. See my wife and Mr.Junior are inlaws. My stepchildren are Mr.Junior’s nephews and nieces he said he would never leave them out of door so whether we pay rent or not we have that option of that cement house upstairs and downstairs. I was once the caretaker of the yard. They sent an officer over there in civilian the other day, he came and didn’t ask what was going on with the yard or anything. He came and said ‘unu need fi move caz we wah bruk down the house.’ boss you can’t do that the people need a bit of time to move out of the place before you even think about breaking down anywhere.”

The tenants are being given time to find a place to live.