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Ex-Cop Busted with a Kilo of Cocaine in Garden City

A former policeman was remanded to prison after he was detained last night in in Belmopan. Retired Sergeant of Police, Inez Castillo was driving a grey Wingle pickup truck in the North Ring Road area when it was intercepted by Police. A search was conducted on the vehicle which yielded just over one kilo of suspected cocaine. Today, Castillo was charged for possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply. Assistant Commissioner Police, Alford Grinage, the Commander of Operations spoke to the media on this recent bust.

ACP Alford Grinage, Commander of Operations: “The police informed the occupant Mr.Inez Castillo of the offence committed after which he was escorted to the police station where the suspected drugs was weighed which amounted to 1.051 kilogram suspected cocaine.”

Reporter: We know this former officer is I believe he’s from the Seine Bight area and those persons he was associating with at the training academy I believe are also from that same area. Are you all able to establish any linkage because we know a lot of those drugs from that fallen plane, the one that went into the sea, were moving through Seine Bight. Have you all established any linkage within that community, within that particular fraternity ? 

ACP Alford Grinage, Commander of Operations: “I wouldn’t want to suggest that the officers had any connection with that because we have not able to prove that and myself is from Seine Bight, I’m from Seine Bight too and I don’t think you want to connect me to something like that. So it’s unfair to suggest that at this time unless other evidence suggest it afterward.”

The plot thickens, however, as moments before Castillo was detained, he was seen coming out of the Police Training Academy compound on Forest Drive. He had just dropped off a senior Commander in the Police Department which lends to the theories that the cocaine was already in the vehicle or was picked up from the police grounds. Despite coming so close to the illegal substance, ACP Grinage says that although the men are related, it does not necessarily make the senior officer guilty.

When the reports of this bust surfaced last night, it was said that the kilo of cocaine had come from the Bladen Drug Bust on November 4. ACP Grinage assured the media that this was not the case and asserted that there are several brands currently in circulation.

ACP Alford Grinage, Commander of Operations: “It’s certainly not because all the drugs from the Bladen drug bust has been destroyed except for samples that was taken out of those packages that will be kept in police custody for evidence to present at court. Also the brand of that specific parcel is different from those ones that were found at the Bladen so we don’t suspect that that is that any at all. I don’t like to speculate but from the drugs that was found that is the same type that we recovered – some of the type that we have recovered from the plane that fell in the sea at Placencia that’s the same brand so I can’t say. Right now there are several packages of drugs floating around and selling around so it’s hard to say exactly where that one originated from but all indication is that it’s from somewhere in the south.”

Inez Castillo is remanded to the Belize Central Prison until February 18, 2022.