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Exams Director Gives Preliminary Report on PSE Results

The results of the Primary School Examination 2015, sat by seven thousand two hundred and twenty three students from around the country have been released and are currently being reviewed by teachers and principals of the various schools as they currently have a two week window to submit any queries they may have regarding their students’ grades.   Love News spoke with the Director of Exams in the Ministry of Education, Nelson Longsworth to get his initial assessment of the examinations’ output.


“The top performers seem to have done better than they did last year; we see it very evident in Math where the band A which we consider excellent, the amount of students in that band has increased by nearly 5% for Math so it kind of indicates that top performance has done better.  So over all you would find that the top students totaled a better score than those who did last year. Although there is the general fluctuation in the results which we have been seeing for a number of years now, all three, the Math, English and Science have dipped slightly and we now see Social Studies making a rebound when compared to last year.”

Aside from the English Paper Two where letter writing and narrative writing are covered the other papers are marked by a computer system … but just how accurate is that system?  We asked Longsworth what measures are taken to ensure that the papers are marked well.


“There’s always that uncertainty of technology and so we do have a system where we randomly selected a number of the checked scripts and then we checked them manually and it came out exactly the same.  So once we do an amount that satisfies the check, then we know that it does what it’s supposed to do in terms of the scanning and the checking of the shading. There’s always the situation where we still, even though it’s checked by the computer, the computer identifies double shading or some other mark which is confusing which letter was selected and then we have to go in and manually decide what exactly the child was trying to do. Sometimes they don’t erase properly so we need to check all those and that’s the cleaning process. That’s why, even though these exams were taken three weeks ago, all that has to be done prior to the release of the results.”

According to Longsworth, once the two week window for teachers to submit queries have passed and those queries are addressed, Longsworth says the Examinations Unit will then embark on a thorough assessment.


“Well we will definitely do further analysis because those are some of the answers we need. We don’t really dive into that level of analysis as yet until we’ve completed or exhausted the query period and then the results are then considered final and then we start. So we’ll kind of look to see where are the areas that our children continue to do well in and performed poorly and do an analysis of those learning outcomes from the curriculum and be able to give you a better response after that analysis.”

Love News will take a more in-depth look into the 2015 Primary School Examinations.  The exams for this year were done on March 23 and May 4.