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His Excellency Ambassador Remus Li-Kuo Chen at UB

The University of Belize (UB) held another session of its Presidential Lecture Series this morning at the main campus in Belmopan. Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat, UB’s President invited the Ambassador of the Republic of China-Taiwan to be the keynote speaker. His Excellency Ambassador Remus Li-Kuo Chen spoke at length about the friendship between the two countries and the various projects that Taiwan has committed to assist Belize in its development in the region.

H.E. Remus Li-Kuo – Ambassador, Republic of China (Taiwan):

“My main message today is that, it has already been reiterated many times through my speech and also the title. Friendship of thirty years and beyond so it is actually the year 1989 that your great country, your Government of Belize made the very good decision to recognize the Republic of China Taiwan and maintain these diplomatic ties for thirty years long. We definitely want to maintain and make this a long-lasting relationship and today when we look at these existing projects that we have, it actually benefits the people in a very immense way. It doesn’t matter if it is about public health, when we talk about the prevention and control for the Chronic Kidney Disease Project or talking about the newly signed Urban Resilience and also Natural Disaster Prevention Project. It all covers this major theme of making sure that we are partners each and every step when we move forward towards benefiting people’s lives and also the prosperities of our countries. In our case Taiwan developed itself from the ’50s and ’60s until today with these success stories that we want to share, we want to contribute, we want to give the chance to help if needed.  In our case I think the most important message I want to convey is that Taiwan is indeed the most trustworthy, reliable, very good helping friend and partner for Belize. We want to make sure that through this speech, through this presentation especially for the young generation and the future leaders of this great country, they will also get the opportunity to learn more about this robust, wonderful relationship and friendship so we want to make sure they will also be given the chance to see for themselves by getting the scholarship offered by our Taiwan ICDF and course of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be studying in Taiwan either for a bachelor degree, a Masters degree, or a PhD. I thank the University of Belize for giving that chance and I also had a very good experience today interacting in many different ways with our audience and student’s today. I appreciate very much that they would even actually spare so much time to listen to my presentation that was at least an hour and a half long before their final exam next week and so I do hope that this will be informative, educational and helpful for them, not only to understand the relationship but also the opportunity for their own future, for their educational opportunities. Taiwan will continue to pledge to be your partner, to be your friend no matter if it is in education, public health, infrastructure, in agriculture and actually many other different fields, also the humanitarian assistance will all be there, each and every step as you need us as your friend.

At the end of the presentation, UB presented Ambassador Remus Li-Kuo Chen with a gift of appreciation for his presence on campus.