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Excelsior High holds Candlelight Vigil for slain Principal

On Sunday night at 6 p.m. the students, staff and faculty members of Excelsior High School held a candle light vigil for the acting principal Alarice Andrewin who was killed in that tragic triple homicide. Love News spoke to Sean Martinez, the Acting Vice Principal, Excelsior High School   at the event which was held at the Memorial Park in Belize City

Sean Martinez – Acting Vice Principal, Excelsior High School: “We are having a candlelight vigil in remembrance of Ms. Alarice Andrewin. We want to show our appreciation for her and so we invited the public to come and do that with us. “

Jose Sanchez: “So you have staff and students out here?”

Sean Martinez – Acting Vice Principal, Excelsior High School: “Yes, we have staff, students and friends.”

Jose Sanchez: “What is the most significant thing when it comes to the remembrance of Ms. Andrewin that you believe that everyone shares?”

Sean Martinez – Acting Vice Principal, Excelsior High School: “The most significant thing about Ms.Andrewin that I remember that everyone shares is her livelihood. She always expressed life, whatever she did she always expressed that life in whatever she did and we will always remember Ms. Andrewin for that.”

Jose Sanchez: “What is the significance of the police presence or your presence here at this vigil that the Excelsior students are having tonight?”

Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams: “I must say first and foremost it is a good cause. The police are here to provide law and order during the event as well as to provide some level of support to the cause.”

The acting vice principal says that the school and students will continue to move forward but they will never forget their dear principal miss Andrewin.