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Excelsior High School Remembers Principal as Murder Investigation continues

While the Commissioner of Police is busy setting up a task force, the Andrewin family is upset at losing their beloved Alarice.  She was an educator that many were drawn to, especially those at Excelsior High School where she was serving as Acting Principal for the last six months.

Jose Sanchez: “A task force comprising of the CIB Special Branch, the Anti- Gang Task Force people from Marco Vidal’s unit and the Financial Intelligence unit will all investigate the triple homicide of Alarice Andrewin, Vidal Yuman and Maria Juarez. The lead investigator is the acting NCIB Head SuperIntendent Gilberto Romero.”

CIB Head SuperIntendent Gilberto Romero: “The other two victims have been identified as Maria Juarez 19-year-old Guatemalan national and Vidal Antonio Yuman naturalized Belizean of Amara Avenue. Presently we have our investigators on the ground following up on every lead. They are conducting interviews, recording statements and at this time I would like to appeal to the general public if they have any information that can assist us in this investigation you can call 922 tips or you can call us and pass information. We are following every lead that we are getting and we have our investigators on the ground working on this case as we speak.”

Jose Sanchez: “19-year-old Maria Juarez had a relationship with 30-year-old Vidal Yuman and had just arrived in Belize on Sunday. Yuman was a naturalized Belizean while Andrewin was the acting Principal of Excelsior High School. Today the school held a moment of silence for her and tacked letters of condolences on the door.”

Sean Marinez – Acting Vice Principal, Excelsior High School: “We had some councilors from the different high school came to do sessions with our students so we had at least two councilors and a Pastor in each classroom so the students had a well good representatives of support in their classroom to be able to vent and share the emotions they felt about the passing of their principal.”

Jose Sanchez: “ In terms of what happens next, I know you have students who will be graduating and I understand that they want to do something as well to show some remembrance. 

Sean Marinez – Acting Vice Principal, Excelsior High School: “Today what we did was we used Mr. Andrewin’s favorite color which is pink and we had the students cut it out in the shape of a butterfly, they wrote on the butterflies and we put up her picture so that is what we did in remembrance of her, she would have loved that.

Jose Sanchez: “ Not only students but her former teacher from UB Myrna Manzanarez fondly remembers Andrewin.”

Myrna Manzanares: “I always tell her when I see her dad, when ever I would see him sometimes I would say tell Alarice I said hello. I don’t know what happened after UB. I don’t know what she did but I was so shocked and my heart fell down to the ground when they called to tell me what had happened. I thought my God this is a young person you know, this is a young person, why is this happening? It makes you wonder what is happening in our country that the people that have done things or need to be there for our children are coming now and things are happening to them, I don’t understand it. No motive has been established for the murder but in addition to the recent burglary of Andrewin’s home on the 9th of May the Police Department is also aware of a financial incident at the school involving another employee that could be the reason the FIU has been called in.”

CIB Head SuperIntendent Gilberto Romero: “We are following up on that information that we just mentioned, certainly, we will have our investigators follow up on those two incidents. Again we are working on determining a motive or a cause but at this time we have not established a motive and we continue with the investigation.”

Jose Sanchez: “The seven men who were arrested for that burglary in progress, what are there status? Have they been released following that initial arrest and charge. If so are they being detained? If so are they being questioned?”

CIB Head SuperIntendent Gilberto Romero: “One of them received bail and the rest are remanded in prison.”

Jose Sanchez: “Is it just a coincidence that Mr. Yuman and the girl he was in a relationship with was at her address on this particular occasion?”

CIB Head SuperIntendent Gilberto Romero: “The deceased Vidal Yuman would go to that house.”

Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams: “Just appreciate the fact that there are several things that we are doing that we will not reveal to the public because it will alert those persons who are involved. The police are on their trail so it is not that we don’t want to be forthcoming with certain things but to be able to hold the integrity of the investigation we have to at this time withhold certain information. The team that we have selected to deal with this investigation are the best of the best so I have every confidence that they are going to do their utmost best to ensure that we get to the bottom of this and find those who are responsible and bring them to justice.”

Jose Sanchez: “The house was ransacked, the police believe multiple persons were involved however what the country wants is not merely an arrest but conviction of the criminals. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”

Since the news of the murder broke, speculations are many including the possible connection of the May 9 burglary at her home where four men and three minors were arrested and charged.  Another speculation has to do with an ongoing investigation of missing monies for which Andrewin was instrumental in testifying.  But as we noted earlier, police have not determined what the motive for the murders were.  The other two victims are 39-year-old, naturalized Belizean, Vidal Yuman Cacho and his ex-girlfriend, Guatemalan national, 19-year-old, Maria Delfina Lucas who had just arrived in the country last weekend.///////