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Exclusive : Commander of the BDF speaks on Sarstoon Island

Officers of the Belize Coast Guard were tasked to do reconnaissance on Sarstoon Island in southern Belize where a forward operating base is to be constructed.  The Coast Guard personnel were on the island on May 29, when they were approached by Guatemalan military men, demanding that they vacate the island which they claim is in Guatemala.  The Belize Coast Guard stood their ground and remained on the island until their assignment was completed.  When we spoke with Commander of the Belize Defense Force, David Jones, he explained that there is some controversy when it comes to the Sarstoon Island.

A letter of protest was also sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to their counterparts in Guatemala on this incident.  Meanwhile, the men who were on the island were commended for their bravery in standing their ground.  Fortunately, the confrontation ended without incident.