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Executive Chairman for CFZ Leaves Post on June 30

Last week Love News confirmed that David Aikerman’s will no longer be the Executive Chairman of the Corozal Free Zone. After so many years, Aikerman’s contribution to the development of the Free Zone is undisputable. So today, we asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow why was Aikerman’s contract not renews and who will replace him.


“Yes Dave and I met, I think last Friday before I went away and we agreed that he would exit.  He, in fact, from last year had said that he had some health challenges and said that he did not want to be renewed at that time.  I was able to persuade him to stay on and so by mutual understanding he will not seek to renew.  The replacement is likely to be, I haven’t yet signed a contract, but the replacement is likely to be the Ex-Comptroller of Customs, Mr. Greg Gibson.”


“Do you feel that this will be a loss because of the many businesses in the Free Zone?”


“Dave Akierman was, I think, outstanding both in terms of competence and probity but I feel that we have chosen a worthy replacement.  I thing Greg as well is both competent and honest.”


Aikerman’s last day is on June 30.