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Exodus: A Journey through Divorce

A Belizean businesswoman and writer has taken her personal experiences and produced a book on the emotional and mental rollercoaster ride that women endure during and after a divorce.  It is a book with 64 short chapters that focuses a lot on what we are most times not prepared for.  Deborah Mendoza appeared on The Morning Show today where she spoke of her book named, Exodus: A Journey through Divorce.


“When I approached this process it was very natural to me to write what I was going through. When I started to write what I was going through I didn’t think it was going to end up as a book but as I was going through the process and I realized how painful it was I started thinking that I had to learn certain things along the way to get through the process and so I started thinking you know I’m probably going to have to write a book about this because I know I’m not the only one going through what I’m going through and I’m learning as I’m going through it and I had ideas about a book but I was journaling two or three times a day and then the thought came to me of using what I had already written because that is the heart felt stuff and that is what people will relate to so I started putting those together. It talks about the pain, it talks about the fears that come about, it talks about the losses that you have to endure when you are going through divorce, it talks about your interaction with people but then because I was learning; one of the things I learnt was about scheduling that when you’re married you have a full life but when you are going through divorce all of a sudden you are in an empty house.”

Mendoza was in a marriage for twenty four years; a relationship she says she should have gotten out of long before.  The 228-page book speaks of spiritual, mental and physical exercise and how important those aspects are in the healing process.


“I wrote this book because I knew that people are going through divorce and I mainly thought about women because there are women that I can see where I live who are going through divorce who had a really tough time and I think it takes bravery to say I want something different. I don’t feel like I was brave I feel like I just reached a point where I couldn’t do my life the way I was doing it. I had gotten to a point where I just thought if we didn’t get counseling I could just look into my future and my life I just couldn’t imagine the emptiness that I saw ahead and its like what you were talking about that you could be two people living in the same home but being miles apart. I think for every person its different and this book I try to find issues that I think are common because there are some things about other people’s divorce tht I have no clue, I have not experienced our children are grown so I didn’t have to deal with the custody so I can’t imagine what that part of it must be like so I wrote about the scheduling, exercise how important that is, the journaling part, the writing things down, the support system; I wrote about social media and how to handle social media because I had to learn the hard way I went into it thinking that I was ready for it and that I had a lot of life experience and I was not.”

The book is available on Kindle EBooks, Amazon or via a local bank deposit.  For more details you can find her page on Facebook at Exodus: A Journey through Divorce.