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Expo Belize Market Place 2018

Over the weekend, the Belize Chamber of Commerce held its annual signature trade show under the theme “Expo Belize Market Place: the place to connect, business, people and lives”.  The trade show attracted almost two hundred businesses and thousands of visitors. It included both new and returning businesses. Home and Nature was one of the new businesses at this year’s expo. Brittney Galvez, the owner spoke to Love news about her products.

Brittney Galvez: “I just came and started painting like years ago and I like to make stuff and be creative that’s why I decided to come and display the stuff that  I can do.

Janelle Mckenzie: “How has business been like out here so far?”

Brittney Galvez: “The response has been good. This morning was kind of slow but the response got better in the evening. People really seem to like Belize stuff like the Jaguar, the map of Belize and stuff like that.”

Persons could get almost anything there including a loan. RLee Vicente, Marketing Manager, at Quick Stop Personal Finance shared the requirements for the loan.

RLee Vicente – Marketing Manager, Quick Stop Personal Finance: “Any customer, new and returning customers can come into our booth and get a loan today so you can get it for the first time, you can get a loan right away and customers returning can come in as well and bring your documents, all you need is your job letter or pay slip, recent Utility Bill as well as social security card and you get your loan right away.”

There were also returning businesses such as Recinos Imports Limited, Jaime Recinos, General Supervisory shared why they continue to take part in the expo.

Jaime Recinos – General Supervisor, Recinos Imports Limited: “Today has been an extraordinary day. I mean we have gotten all day people have been coming in here and everybody leaves with a smile. They are happy with their promotions that we have offered them today and let’s hope that it continues this way.”

Janelle Mckenzie: “So you guys have discounts on your products today?”

Jamie Recinos General supervisor: Yes we are offering all our products wholesale prices and definitely combo deals so that people can buy more and get better deals on different items such as cereals, granola, pastas and a variety of snacks.”

Johnelle Mckenzie:What do you like about coming to expo as a business?”

Jamie Recinos General supervisor: Well the exposure you get here at the expo is incredible. I have made so many contacts, so many people that we have had grown business together. You know we exchange emails and you know we go from there and we have a lot of people, hotels, restaurants. We get a lot of stores from all over the country that we have been doing and growing business together. “

Institutions such as Charis Bible College also took advantage of this great marketing opportunity. Joyce Garbutt, Administrator at Charis Bible College, told Love news that they have been able to connect with many persons and share their faith.

Joyce Garbutt – Administrator, Charis Bible College: “So we just want to show people that Jesus is alive. He is in the healing and miracle business today and come to our school if you want to come to the lord and learn how to be a victorious overcoming christian.

Johnelle Mckenzie: “So have you been able to recruit anyone to your school by being here?’

Joyce Garbutt: Well we have gotten positive responses, we won’t know until of course time for enrollment and registration.

The twenty-second annual expo attracted fourteen thousand visitors.