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Exportation of live cattle to Mexico

It has been three months since we last saw the exportation of 241 cattle to Mexico facilitated through the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Mexican company Sukarne and the Blue Creek livestock farmers. While the recent floods had left various farmers from the north in distress, today many were eager to get to work following the official opening ceremony for the formal exportation of cattle to Mexico.  According to Minister Jose Abelardo Mai they will be exporting over six hundred heads of cattle belonging to thirty farmers spread across the Orange Walk District.

Jose Abelardo Mai, Minister of Agriculture: “The social and economic impact of the livestock industry has been downplayed. It has not been given the necessary importance it deserves. In other words the importance of the livestock industry in Belize has been silenced for too long, that my friends has come to an end. Our newly elected government under the Prime Minister’s leadership John Briceno will definitely move the livestock industry and agriculture as a whole forward. The number one action in Plan Belize agriculture policy from farm to table it says we must export more and we must import less.”

Belize is no stranger to importing goods especially when it comes to our neighbors in the north but today marked a new day for Belizean cattle farmers who are often in surplus of cattle. The Mexican company Sukarne sent representatives down today to speak about the importance of this milestone.

Sukarne Representative: We here in Mexico are fans of your meats. Taking into consideration we are imposing a lot of betterment in genetics and betterment of sentiments of producers that collaborate with us. We here in Mexico have problems of insemination and financing through SOFOM which is a structured financing institute in Mexico. There is always the objective and ends that is to make the gains be a better business that is retainable in Mexico, Belize and the world.”

The ceremony was held by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security & Enterprise in partnership with BAHA, Belize Livestock Producers Association and Blue creek cattle ranchers. The ministry also said they do not have a plan in place for the upcoming year but look forward to continuing working with farmers across the country.