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“Express yuhself with Rights”

The United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of a Child, CRC in 1989.  A year later, Belize became the fifth country to ratify the CRC since then we have made several strides to ensure that children’s rights are protected.   It is essential not only to have children’s rights protected, but also that children are aware of the rights that are available to them under CRC.  In this regard, the National Committee for Families and Children, NCFC, who are tasked with championing children’s right, held a book launch today. Love news stopped by and spoke with Michael Fritiz, the Public Relations and Logistic Officer about the book, Express Yuhself with Rights.

Michael Fritiz – Public Relations and Logistic Officer: “There are 54 rights I must say and of the most important or I should say some of the rights the children are familiar with; are the right to play, the right to education, the right to shelter, the right to be free from harm, the right to protection and these are some of the rights we have addressed in the booklet. We also address some of the key issues affecting our Belize’s society that as a country we might not want to address; we are talking about sexual exploitation, gun violence. These are some of the issues that we incorporated in the book in a very informative and interactive manner. The book itself had this make sure of activities, we have puzzles, we have the ABC graphs for the younger kids, we have comprehension passages, we also have different activities, mazes in the book as well so it’s a compilation of different activities.”

The CRC is comprise of fifty-four articles which describes children’s rights and those in authority obligations to uphold these rights. Dr. Susan Kasedde, UNICEF Representative in Belize who addressed the gathering, said that there are four fundamental principles that should guide our actions towards children.

Dr. Susan Kasedde, UNICEF Representative in Belize: These principles are: one nondiscrimination ,that every child is considered, respected and included. The second fundamental is that of the best interest of a child; that in all methods that the best interest of children are given first and highest consideration. The third fundamental principle of the CRC is the right to life, survival and development; that we ensure no harm is done to compromise the life, survival or development of any child in all matters that it pertains and the fourth fundamental principle is the respect for the views of every child, that we do everything in our power to create spaces and to support children to express their views according to their evolving ability.”

The book is free of cost and will be disseminated through the district education centers.