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Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow and Internal Auditor Roberto Matus have been two of the driving forces against the President of NICH, Sapna Budhrani. The leaked document from Matus was ignited by Shyne Barrow and resulted in Cabinet suspending Budhrani while an external audit was underway. During that time it was revealed that the internal auditor was a former theology student who did not qualify for the post. This afternoon Minister of Education and Culture, Patrick Faber said he shared the findings of the audit with cabinet. Faber said NICH’s President was immediately reinstated and the internal auditor will be fired.

Deputy Prime Minister:  “The board of NICH met when was it yesterday and their recommendation has been for the president to be reinstated, vindicated by this report and also that the internal auditor Mr. Matthus that his service be terminated. I shared this morning the findings of the audit to the cabinet and while it is that ultimately it is the board that makes decisions as it relates to the operations of NICH you do know that it is the Cabinet out of an abundance of caution when these accusation started from as a result of the internal auditor’s report out of an abundance of caution the cabinet said we will let an external auditor look at things and see if what is being said is true or not and that has been done now and so the Cabinet has agreed this morning that Ms. Budhrani be reinstated immediately and supported the decision as well that Mr. Mattus be terminated. As far as a I understanding it Mr. Mattus was going along his normal course however misguided he was in the practices that he was engaging in as is now clear by the external auditors report, he was merely  doing his job. Nobody has really proven that he intentionally leak information to try to bring the institution into question so that does not apply at all i’m sorry. I don’t know that and in my opinion and as far as I am understanding that has never been established, nobody from the institution, not from Niche or from the government has ever accused Mr. Matthus of leaking the document. Mr. Matthus as far as I am understanding from the board was kept on or maybe it was from the time that he was hired and the intention was clear to him that he should have been upgrading himself to qualify for the position ultimately and there was a specific time frame given for him to do that so on that basis alone, I am not sure if it was only the basis of the external auditor but it is clear that Mr. Mattus is way in above his head and so I think the board is righto have made that decision not as a kind of punishment necessarily bur we want to ensure that in the future things like this won’t happen again, not to Mr. Brown just to the fact that you are not using proper processing and mechanism according to the auditing world to come out with these findings that you are coming up with.”