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Extradition Treaty with Mexico Almost Complete

Earlier this week Mexican Ambassador Carlos Quesnel Melendez told the media they had done a lot of work to get David Nanes Schnitzer extradited to Mexico, however in the midst of the proceedings Nanes was granted bail. Since then Nanes who is wanted in Mexico has not been seen or heard from. Belizean authorities claimed something was missing from the extradition treaty they have with Mexico.  In an effort to avoid another embarrassing situation, today the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington took the matter to the House of Representatives.


“Mr. Speaker, I’d just like to explain very briefly that this is in relation to an extradition treaty that was signed in August of 1988 here in Belize, it was actually signed and ratified but for some reason it was never incorporated into the domestic law and for the treaty to have efficacy when we have requests for extradition from Mexico it is necessary for the treaty to be part of our domestic law. We are now trying to get this bill passed so that it becomes a part of the domestic law so that in the future when we get requests for extradition from Mexico we will be able to give effect to it.

As has been reported Nanes is wanted in Mexico for his involvement in a Ponzi scheme that defrauded Mexican investors of a substantial amount of money