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Eyewitness Recounts Fatal RTA in Dangriga

26-year-old Naomi Abigail Taylor was killed in a road traffic accident on Thursday evening in Dangriga. Taylor who was a teacher at Kids First School in that municipality was along with a co-worker on Ecumenical Drive when the incident occurred. We spoke with the co-worker who shared how the incident unfolded.


When we got to the back road we were about to cross. I looked back and I saw the motorcycle but they were all the way by the speed bump. To me they were far away so I would have crossed too but the speed which they picked up by the time she looked to cross and I only heard bang. They hit her back wheel and she flew and then they flew over her and then they landed on the side. I threw down my bicycle and I ran to her. I shook her. I was hollering for her but she wasn’t responding and I turned her over to see if she was breathing or something but there was no kind of response or anything.”

Taylor received severe head injuries to which she succumbed shortly after.  According to Police, the motorcycle was driven by 22-year-old Michael Estero who was accompanied by 17-year-old Calvin Williams. Estero and Williams were taken to the Southern Regional Hospital. Williams was later transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City for further treatment. And while Taylor’s family is trying to come to grips with the death of their loved one, her sister is making a heartfelt plea to individuals who were on the scene of the accident and posted graphic photos on social media.


It hurts. It makes me angry to see her picture on Facebook with her legs wide open and her tights showing. You have to have respect for people and their family. If you want to post anything on Facebook about a person who has been through tragic accident find a decent picture of that person and post it, nothing is wrong with it but not in the state that my sister was in. I would really want to beg whomever put up those pictures to take them down because I am really mad. I feel really upset when I see those pictures and I would not want to see that a year from now because Facebook has a tendency of showing you pictures that you posted a year ago or two; I don’t want to see my sister like that, I don’t want to remember her with her legs wide open and her tights showing. That is not a pleasant sight for anyone to look at.”

Police continue their investigation into the incident.