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Faber and His Ambitions for Prime Minister

Following the May 12th sitting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Dean Barrow spoke on his imminent early exit from his seat as Belize’s leader.  He cited the primary reason being his health for such a decision.  It has been rumoured for some time now that Barrow would not be completing his third term.  With this in mind, the questions are: who will replace him? And what is the process required to name a replacement for the Prime Minister.  It is no secret that Patrick Faber has his eyes on the prize as he has never shied away from expressing his ambitions in politics.  Yesterday he spoke to Love News.


“It is a matter for the members of the House of Representatives on the majority’s side they are the ones who determine who the Prime Minister is and of course it is for us a matter for the faithful of our party they are the ones who decide who they want to see in leadership positions in our party especially when our party is in government although strictly speaking that is not the formal mechanism that is how it has always worked and so it is a matter that all those concerned; those two parties in particular our members in the house and the executive membership and the National Convention of our party will eventually decide on these matters.”


“Is it something that you are preparing yourself to undertake? You would be the youngest Prime Minister of Belize.”


“Well absolutely I would not say it any other way. I have long said to people that this is my ambition, I have encouraged people to encourage the children of this country to go after their dream. I make it no secret that it has long been a dream of mind to lead the United Democratic Party and Belize and I am looking forward to that day even though I am not in a hurry I think the longer I am in learning mode the more I can equip myself to be a better and more effective leader and so I’ll wait my time patiently.”

Prime Minister Barrow has not set a date for his resignation but there are rumours of it being in November 2017 while some reports are that it would be at the end of this fiscal year.