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Faber and Saldivar Launch Campaign for 1st Deputy of the UDP

Earlier in our newscast we brought you an interview with the Collet Area Representative, Patrick Faber where he spoke to us yesterday, on his interest in the seat of the UDP’s First Deputy Leader.  The seat has become available since the resignation of Gaspar Vega earlier this month.  Today, March 21, coinciding with his 38th birthday, Faber launched his campaign via a gathering at the UDP’s Secretariat in Belize City.  The room was filled with his supporters including the more influential ones seated at the head table from various constituencies.  Chris Saldano was the youngest of those to address the gathering.


Michael Finnegan who boasted to be the oldest and longest serving member in the UDP endorsed Faber, citing several reasons why he would be fit for the position while recalling the challenges he has seen Faber overcome since his political career began in 2003.


Tourism Minister and Area Representative for Belize Rural South, Manuel Heredia Junior also stood up and endorsed Faber and committed to being there as a guide for Faber on his journey.


Faber, in his speech, spoke of aspirations and his commitments as the leader should he be elected.


Also standing up to endorse Faber for the UDP’s First Deputy Leader are Minister of State, Elodio Aragon, Eden Martinez of Toledo East, Walter Garbutt of Stann Creek West and San Ignacio Mayor, Earl Trapp,  Faber was also joined at the head table by Mark King and Lupe Dueck.  While John Saldivar made no big fanfare of his candidacy, he did issue a release via social media.  That release, states, quote, “With the conclusion of our National Convention on Sunday in Dangriga, the stage is now set for a Special Convention to fill the vacant post of First Deputy Leader for our great United Democratic Party. As I had indicated in several media interviews, I would be happy to offer myself to serve in a higher leadership capacity. Over the last few days I have been consulting far and wide within my Party, and the overwhelming response supports my decision to officially offer myself for the post of First Deputy Leader for our great Party.  It would be a great honor and privilege to serve my Party and country in this new capacity. I believe my training in economics, as well as my attributes as a person and leader, make me well suited for the post of First Deputy leader.  Great challenges lie ahead for our country, especially in the areas of finance, economy and sovereignty. Challenges also lie ahead for our Party to maintain unity and ensure continuity. These challenges require steady hands, intellectual capacity, experience, compassion, fairness, and calm maturity. It is my hope and humble prayer that the delegates, who are entrusted with the great responsibility of choosing the best person for this post, will see these attributes and abilities in me. I place my trust in the wisdom of the delegates of our great Party and pray God’s blessings and guidance on the process as we seek to continue to build on the successful legacy of our great leader the Right Honorable Dean Oliver Barrow.”  End of quote.  As for Erwin Contreras who was endorsed yesterday as the Second Deputy Leader, Love News was informed that he had been considering to contest the seat of First Deputy but had decided against it.  At yesterday’s convention, we appealed to Contreras for an interview but he denied us in several instances.