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Faber comments on International Airport Alliance

Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber was also asked about the allegations surrounding Jorge Jean. In the past few days, Jean’s credibility has been questioned after documents accuse him of Conspiracy to Commit Extortion and voter fraud. He owns International Airport Alliance which was contracted by the Government to construct a one hundred million dollar airport project on  Ambergris Caye.  Faber says it is mischief-making.

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister

“The Cabinet sub-committee on investment aided by BelTraide and headed by Minister Tracey Panton we do our due diligence so there are thorough checks and I am hoping that you are able to ask other members of the Cabinet Sub Committee that were present because there would have been an opportunity for that information, that background check- I know that there are often INTERPOL checks and very detailed checks into the backgrounds of the people who are engaged. But as I understand it too, a company and the person who is actively involved in the front may not necessarily be in the same lineup. A company’s reputation is very clean, you may have that that company engaged a person who may have a reputation in the past. Things are such a way where things happen way back in the past but because of course of those who are trying to make mischief they go and dig up things from way back in the past. So what is for certain is that we have no negative intention. We want to build the best possible airport in the Northern Ambergris to serve not only Ambergris Caye but the wider Belizean population and we will continue to look for information to make sure that we have the right people and if for some reason there is a misstep in that direction then we will correct that. I don’t think that we are at that point where we can say that that is necessarily the cases. You know the government has quite a few people who are now pushing to make sure that there is an embarrassment in some of these areas and so we are looking at it. We have to pay attention to what is being said and the kind of negatives that are being put out there but this is something that we will further investigate at the Cabinet Sub Committee level and the wider Cabinet level as well.”

In a release, the PUP stated that quote, “The revelations that the ‘Airport Investor and Developer’ appears to be nothing more than a con-artist with a shady past including allegations of major fraud, voter fraud and extortion should also come as no surprise. The picture of senior UDP Ministers Manuel Heredia Jr. and Erwin Contreras posing with this ‘Developer’ is like déjà vu all over again.”