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Faber comments on Vega’s announcement of returning to politics

Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Minister of Agriculture, Gaspar Vega, resigned as the Deputy Prime Minister in October 2016, after a land scandal revelation came to light.  Prime Minister Dean Barrow, broke the news during a press briefing on October 17, 2016, and expressed regret over Vega’s resignation. From then until now, more land scandals have come to light involving the Vega’s family.  The most recent involving Amy Forte who is claiming that she did not execute a Deed of Conveyance between herself and Andre Vega and her signature was forged. On September 6, fed up with the Vega’s land scandals, the PUP Northern Caucus, led a demonstration against Vega. The UDP supporters also came out to defend Gasper Vega. It was during this time that Vega emerged from his home to thank those who came to his defense and mentioned that he would be willing to give politics another shot. Today, Patrick Faber, who replaced Vega as Deputy Prime Minister, commented on the matter.

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: “I’ve gone on the record to say that for me, all is not necessarily well in the UDP I think that is no secret to anybody I’m not telling any tales out of school there. There are many of us in the UDP who are not satisfied with some of what has happened, a lot of what has happened and not to create any kind of disunity but we have always been a party that boasts our integrity and our honesty and where that is not found I feel compelled to make sure that that is flushed out.”

Reporter: So you’re saying that action should be taken against the member?

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: “Well I am saying that it is an internal thing for our party although there is the government aspect, my fight is always internally with my party to get things right so that when we offer ourselves to the people that we do so knowing that we put forward good quality candidates and if there are people who don’t fit right with that kind of mentality and setting then I oppose them being on the ticket indeed.”