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Faber: Corporal Punishment is not condone

Fifteen days ago we told you of the 8-year-old child who suffered eye injuries, allegedly at the hands of his teacher.  The mother spoke to our newsroom and was enraged, saying that the medical bill was going up as the child had been in pain since and still cannot see clearly from one of his eyes.  Education Minister, Patrick Faber, says he is not apprised of this specific situation but he did speak on the issue of abuse, in general.

Minister of Education – Patrick Faber: “Corporal punishment, man handling or abuse of children physically is not condoned and is in fact illegal in Belize and so if it is that you feel that this kind of treatment has been demonstrated on your child then you make a complaint using the proper channels. The immediate place to complain I would imagine if it is not the principal who is engaged and then there is the management of the school as well which is more than likely here in Belize City especially the church management. There is a general manager and quite often there is a local manager that holds responsibility for those schools and those persons are the persons in authority and they ought to be acting on these matters immediately. This is not something that we should overlook and let off whoever is engaged like that so easily.”

The incident occurred at the Queen’s Square Anglican School in Belize City.