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Government & Politics

Faber explains absence from PAC

The Public Accounts Committee, PAC, concluded its investigations into the 2012- 2013 Auditor General’s Report. The Committee had prepared a report and sent it to the UDP committee members to review and forward their input.  However, they have failed to show up for meetings.   According to the Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, the UDP committee members were not available for any of the meetings.

Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber:“ If you check the records there are recordings of all these meetings you will see that the discussions, the deliberations that we have over the various aspects of the Governor General’s report were openly discussed in fact there were many occasions where we agreed to fix them but yet when the report came out so some of these things were not reflected in it and that is what really took us aback so our position is that it is okay. The regulations allow for a minority side to have a view, it allows reports to be tabled back to the House Representative so that is all fine and he has a different view and we have a different view and both reports will be taken back.”

Since both Opposition members as well as the Government representatives have decided to write their own summaries and responses, it appears there will be two reports that each side will try to table in the House about the Auditor General’s Report instead of one.

Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber: “The Governor General’s report of 2013 was what was being considered and we had a number of meetings and what ought to have happened which was that a report should have been generated reflecting what those meetings detailed. Instead the chairman chose to write a report that was more in lined with what he wanted to say and that is the problem. I am understanding that he went on record to say that I showed up to the meeting not reading the report which is completely and absolutely untrue in fact it was because I read the report that I was not able to support him in passing that report as the majority report. You will understand that this is a peculiar committee. It is the only one that the Opposition Chairs and that is why Honorable Espat is the Chair but that does not stop the Government from having the majority on this committee and so the Government members felt that the report that was generated by the Chairman did not adequately cover what the deliberations of the various meetings were and so we said to him that we could not support that report and in fact we would be working on our own report. I believe that meeting happened in late November where I was present and the Chairman indicated that he pushing to try to conclude the matters on this issue by the end of the calendar year. I said to him quite openly that that would not be possible, in fact the next house meeting would not be until the new calendar year. What he did was he tried to insist that we have a meeting which was the meeting that he called and even though members indicated to him that we were not available he pushed on.

The PAC members are Julius Espat and Kareem Musa from the Opposition Party meanwhile the members from the Government of Belize are Patrick Faber, Tracy Taeger-Panton, John Saldivar, and Frank Papa Mena.

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