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Faber: Family is Key to solve Crime

The gun violence that is plaguing our country is being carried out by the youths. The young people not only execute these senseless acts, but are also the victims. In last night’s shooting incident, one of the victims was only seven years old.  The Department of Youth Services is doing a lot for the young people which is commendable; however, there is still more to be done to get our youths to put down the guns and keep the peace.   Today, Love News asked the Minister of Youth, Patrick Faber, whether they are any closer to solving the crime problem.

Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber

“Well I think there is a mix of solutions that could come about but we cannot discount the importance of the family and for our families to be taking care of the upbringing of our young people. I believe that many of our young men in particular who are engaged in this kind of practice, the kind of violence that we see on the streets come about because their parent’s don’t do a very good job of bringing them up whether that is by leaving them all together, as we know there are many situations where mothers are raising children on their own and those mothers are struggling as well to provide for their families whatever the case may be we need to get back to the basics of taking care of our families and making sure they are stronger and there is no easy fix to it. We’ve gotten to this problem over many years it’s going to take us some time to get back to it, there are some who believe that the policing mechanisms are a way of dealing with these problems I personally don’t believe that that is the only fix and the fix has to be from a social side but of course our people have to be welcoming of that. I know for instance we have several initiatives that target our families and young people, making sure that they are engaged in positive things and these kinds of programs are under-subscribed so it will take us coming together, putting our shoulders to the wheel together, embracing it with open minds, losing some of the skepticism, some of  the negative thoughts that we have about the police, about the government, about our fellow human beings and engaging and tackling this problem together.”