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Faber Focused on Party Leader Seat

Collet Area Representative, Patrick Faber has had his eyes on the seat of the UDP Party Leader.  As per the constitution, Prime Minister Dean Barrow will not be able to contest the next general election in that capacity as he can only serve three consecutive terms as the country’s leader.  Outside of the constitution, however, he did indicate that he would not be seeking re-election.  While his seat in the Queen’s Square division may be handed down to Sista B, the democratic process will have to run its course when it comes to the seat of Party Leader.  The United Democratic Party is looking at a convention in March 2016 but there will nothing grand with that event as no seats are going to be contested.  Faber spoke to the media today on his aspirations to move up in the UDP.


“I had indicated a long time ago that I have intentions of seeking the leadership of the United Democratic Party. This is really my life’s work. I have said to people time and time again that I work hard in my ministry, I work hard in executing things and making sure that things are successful because one of these days I do intend to ask the people of this nation; right now it might be the people of my party, to support my ambitions because if you are not successful at the smaller things that are given to you how then can you expect them to give you that opportunity to serve but as my colleague Minister Saldivar said it is the will and desire of the people and of course we leave it all up to them entirely but yes I will at that time, not in this convention that is coming up on March 20. I will not aspire for any of the offices there. I believe in saving the gunpowder for when the big dance comes to town in early 2020.”

As any true sportsman, Faber did tell the media that despite the outcome of the UDP’s leadership convention, the party members intend to maintain its strength and unity.


“We will continue as a party making history. We will in fact win that fourth historic term and you have my word that, that will be the case no matter which one of us in the UDP are leading. WE will keep our act together as opposed to that other great old party.

Also seeking to replace Dean Barrow is National Security Minister, John Saldivar.