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Faber is presently touring the country

Acting Prime Minister of Belize, Patrick Faber, is on a tour of the country; so far the tour has taken him to the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts. Faber is not calling it a political campaign tour, he said the purpose of the tour is to reconnect with the people.

Acting Prime Minister, Hon. Patrick Faber: “Quite often when we are in our offices in Belmopan and we are making decisions in the Cabinet and even in the National Assembly we lose track of what it is that people want us to do and so I thought that I would give the people an opportunity to put that on the record the things that are important for them that the Government ought to be working on and so I have now completed two districts: The Toledo District and the Stann Creek District. I believe we go to Cayo next and I will continue until we make all the stops even if I am not acting Prime Minister then it will still serve the purpose to complete all these stops so that people can put on the record things that they want to see the government engage in.”

Faber shared some of the concerns brought up by citizens whom he came in contact with on the tour.

Acting Prime Minister, Hon. Patrick Faber: The main issues that I found there of course are land issues and infrastructure, the road works. They would want to see better roadworks, not necessarily pavements but the regular machinery from the Ministry of Works upgrading their feeder roads and their farm roads and helping to ensure the children who have to travel on our network of buses in the south to get to school without the buses running off the road, skidding of the road and so on and I think those are very valuable concerns of course electrification was also an issue. That is something that many of the villages in the South still do not have and I agree with them that should be a focus of our government to get that done. There was also an express view that they wanted to see or hear from the government’s information or education campaign on the Belize, Guatemala ICJ issue and so I will be working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure that we go back and have sessions so that people are able to determine for themselves and for me that means both sides. The yes argument and the no argument so that they can be educated and then make a decision based on facts and not emotions when it comes that they have to vote on April 10th.”

Faber said the issues will be documented and shared with cabinet and other decision makers.