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Faber Replaces Vega as Deputy Prime Minister

Minister Patrick Faber was sworn in this afternoon as the Deputy Prime Minister at the Belize House in Belmopan, Cayo District.  Faber told the media this afternoon that he has plans of hard work in an effort to reach his goal of leading the country as the Prime Minister.  Faber also spoke of the evident division in the UDP in the weeks leading to the convention for the First Deputy Party Leader.


“In this position as Deputy Party Leader I intend to work, I intend to not sit on my hands and I intend to make sure that all who are concerned in the party who will have any say in what goes on when the leadership race comes around they will be certain that I am the better person, I am the best person because I will work and that I’ve always said to be people is not just talking on my part if you check my record you will see that that is the case. According to what we agreed to on March 20 in Dangriga there will be a convention in January of 2020 but as you know that doesn’t have to be a contested convention and I am hoping that after all I will do in collaboration with others in the party who are after the same goal that I am after to win those 2020 general elections that there will be no question and in fact when we get to that point it will be uncontested. A little while ago when I exited the cabinet room and you asked about my colleagues and I told you that all was well. All accept that I am the new deputy leader of the party, they all accept that I am the new deputy Prime Minister of the country and in fact things have improved tremendously from last week when you were camped out in front of the cabinet room as well and I expect that things will continue. If there is anything that you persist that there is something under the surface I am telling you that by the time that we get to the 2020 convention there will not be that kind of feeling at all, not even a remnant of that remaining and I am confident that after these four years we will come together to bring about the kind of environment that will see victory in the part. You know as well as I know that I have no such authority that in fact it is the Prime Minister who designates portfolios, you know that he has tremendous confidence in me in the Ministry of Education you know that I am extremely happy to serve as Belize’s Minister of Education and I will be blunt with you, the only other portfolio that I would want I can’t get until 2020 and so I am quite satisfied with where I am now.”

The swearing in was presided over by Belize’s Governor General, His Excellency Sir Colville Young.