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Faber Responds to Castro

While in San Ignacio, UDP leader Patrick Faber fielded other questions. Our newsroom asked him about the position his former Cabinet colleague Edmond Castro took about his leadership of the party. Faber called the comments unfortunate, but is focused on mending fences going forward.

Patrick Faber, UDP Party Leader: “All I will say is that it is regretful that those comments were made. I will continue to try to resolve the matters of the party within the party structure. In fact I think when you got that interview from him what he failed to tell you was that he was scheduled to meet with me just the Friday before and that meeting did not happen on his account not mine. But I will refrain from getting into  any kind of back and forth and I will trust the processes of the party so that we can bring about proper resolution to the issues that still continue to face the party.”

Reporter:  Could we assume then that that policy that you still have that open door policy that you’re willing to talk to those, even those individuals who had been the greatest detractors ? 

Patrick Faber, UDP Party Leader:  “Absolutely that much I can tell you right away that I have been meeting with individuals, I have tried as well to seek an audience with the group that was called Caucus for Change and I did travel and I’m just back so some of that was delayed because I was out of the country and these are meetings that I want to have face to face. But I have met with at least ten of my colleagues who did not support in my bid to not be recalled and so that work of mending is there.”