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Faber Responds to Comment by NEAB

On October 31, the National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) held a press conference and one of the issues brought up was that the government has not responded to their concerns on the rights of church-run schools.  Today, Faber was asked to comment on the statement made by NEAB.

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister

“The Government has never intervened in terms of the religious instruction that churches give to the schools that are under their management. In fact, even in the government schools, we try to partner with churches to offer religious instruction to children so if that was said that is sad indeed. I go on record to say again, despite the many difficulties and the many things that we would want to see operate differently that this government embraces the church-state relationship in education and we look forward to working with the churches to develop education in all aspects not only the aspects of religious instruction which if you ask me can be very instrumental in helping us to curb some of the social ills that we have in this society so I absolutely rely on them to do that but also the wider aspects of development in education that we are about in the ministry.”