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Faber returns to the House, his first meeting in months

Collet area representative, Patrick Faber has returned to the House of Representatives, attending his first House meeting in person for several months. The first meeting of the year was on February 4, when a domestic violence motion was passed with the support of all in the House that day. Faber, who himself was at the centre of allegations of this type of behaviour, did not attend the meeting and had not done so since December 3, 2021, according to our count. But Faber was engaged and upbeat in the discussions today, being only one of three members of the Opposition who attended. Hugo Patt was missing today as was Denise “Sista B” Barrow, a serial absentee of the House. Today, he told the media that his absence can be attributed to family issues and a bout with Covid-19. However, he says although he was physically absent, he was keeping abreast with his Party’s matters.

Patrick Faber, Area Representative, Collet: “I, at one point, had COVID and I was in the country but I was not able to. And I had a very mild bout of COVID. Just a fever for a day and half but I was not able to get a negative test in time for the House meeting and then on another occasion I was at my son’s graduation in the U.S. and I tried to get back but there was a slew of cancellation of flights so I’m very pleased to be back. But, I never really left the party. I kept abreast of things. We have various different chat groups that keep us abreast of what is happening both in the party and inside of the government and so I kept abreast of what was going on.”

The Collet Area Representative also stated that his brief withdrawal from the public eye allowed him the opportunity to work on himself. He explained that he will have to be travelling back and forth as he is currently working towards completing his doctorate.  

Patrick Faber, Area Representative, Collet: “One of the reasons I was away, as you know, was for me to take time for myself, to work on me, to be a better individual, to bring about a better version of me for those people whom I serve and for myself as well. I’ve enrolled back in my doctoral program, as you’ve heard me say to the Prime Minister today and so, I will have to go back and forth a little bit more. I was all but dissertation complete for a doctoral degree in Public Administration. I will have to take a course or two over because time has lapsed. It’s been at least two and a half years since I’ve had any of those classes and those two classes were basically preparatory classes for the dissertation so you’ll understand that I have to do that. Just, dah noh because I di repeat anything. Contrary to what the Prime Minister portrays, I’m a very bright guy and I will say so myself and pat myself on the back but that’s what I’ll be working on and of course, I’ll continue in my therapy. My children were in California and Atlanta and I visited with them and spent a lot of time with them and for me it was a wonderful healing process. Over time, I lost my brother, my elder brother John who was like a father to me and so it was a very difficult time as well. I guess in this line of business, as you all know in the media, there’s not really much that you can hold private even though you would want to. So for those who are digging for what I was doing and what kept me away, that is it.”

Faber says that his focus now is to work on the well-being of his constituency.