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Faber Says Early Childhood Development Is Key to Better PSE Grades

The 2017 Primary School Examination has come and gone and those who made it are looking forward to the next level of schooling.  Traditionally, there is the usual request for the Education Minister to weigh in on the outcomes particularly regarding the subjects of Mathematics and English.  Minister Faber did just that yesterday where he focused a lot on the importance of early childhood education.


“The comments are what we say every year because of course while you might point out small areas of slippage or areas of development it is by and large the same it has been over the many years and we cannot emphasize any more than we’ve done in the past. In fact if we are to improve what is going on it has to be all hands on deck. It cannot be that we are waiting for some superman to come down to help us with these grades. We have to take ownership and that means at all levels but at the school levels. Schools must look at these results and try to put in place intervention plans to curb the performance and of course we have to look at interventions from very early because it is not enough for us to try to do things at Standard 4, 5 and 6. These problems are occurring very very early. This is why we are focusing so heavily now on Early Childhood Education. In fact we are focusing on Early Childhood Development so that the learning process can start as early as in the womb and once children get a strong start it is much more likely that later on in the later years of primary school where the PSE is but also at the secondary and even tertiary level in life, in general, they’ll be more prepared for success.”

A total of seven thousand and seventy seven students sat the exam in its entirety.