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Faber says Senate Hearings have served its purpose

This week the Senate Select Committee resumed its duties in Belmopan after taking a break. It has been reported that the Senate Hearings might soon come to an end, after Prime Minister Dean Barrow sent a letter to the clerk of the National Assembly in which he indicated that the Government is unable to financially support the hearing past November 2017.  Yesterday Chairman of the Senate Select Committee, Aldo Salazar said he believes it is now time for the public hearings to come to a close. He said in his view the only relevant witnesses outstanding would be CEO Edmund Zuniga and substantive Minister for Immigration, Godwin Hulse. That view was not shared by Senator Mark Lizarraga who said there are some ways to go before the hearings reach a natural conclusion. Today Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber was asked about it.

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: “I believe what was useful about the whole exercise has been achieved and in fact I believe it is the sentiment of many Belizeans now certainly now on the social media that there is a certain flatness even if it was merely in the first instance for entertainment purposes even that has gone from it now and also whatever could have been achieved out of it has been achieved. There is no reason as I’ve said on the record before for us to continue with this issue. Let us now see how we can make improvements and you know those improvements in terms of immigration as you saw with the bringing of the director of immigration to the inquiry those improvements have already been started we need to continue and we need to make sure that we fix things. I don’t think that anything that came out of the inquiry point to any kind of arrest needing to be made at least those have not been pronounced but let us get on with the business of reporting what were the findings and if in fact there is criminal activity on the part of anybody let’s deal with that.”