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Faber Says UDP Will See More Political Success as they Rebound

The Village Council Elections have concluded with the People’s United Party claiming domination of some one hundred and seventy-seven villages. The United Democratic Party (UDP) managed to garner the support of just twenty-three villages. While this was not the outcome that the party was hoping for, the immediate past leader of the party, Patrick Faber, says he is not surprised given the internal state of the party. He conceded that as they rebound, they will see more successful political days.

Patrick Faber, Area Representative, Collet: “I am not one to buy my head in the sand and say we won. We won this and we won that and we’re on the up when we’re not. I think that it is clear for everybody to see that the UDP did not perform at a level that we all would have hoped to see our party, which is trying to rebound, perform. But I don’t blame that on anybody per se. This is how it works. I have been here before, you know. I spent five years in Opposition between 2003 and 2008. I was a part of the party since 1998 when we only won three seats and the task of rebuilding was very difficult. It was the same thing. We lost the municipal elections that followed that ‘98 election. I ran in those City Council elections of 1999 and we did not win and we started our rebounding gradually. That’s how it is and if you look at PUP’s track record, you’ll see the same thing. Now I watched this morning as the Prime Minister was telling me about Shyne and I playing musical chairs in the leadership and  had to remind him that you and Francis Fonseca did the very same thing in your 13 years of being in opposition.”