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Faber Speaks Out On Personal Attacks

It is no secret that Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber has had a rocky past in terms of his personal relationship at home.  It is a situation that has been used against him and as recent as last week there was an advertisement on local television condemning him and his personal life.  Opposition Leader, John Briceno was asked if the People’s United Party was behind the production of the ad; he did not respond to that question but did speak somewhat on the matter.


“These are not allegations. As I’ve been told and I have not seen the court records, but they are quotes from the court records. I am for one that I have never gotten involved in the personal business of a family. Me I am speaking for myself have always done my very best to respect the sanctity of the family. Now some people would argue that this young man, the Deputy Prime Minister is aspiring to be the Prime Minister and it is important for people to know that is debatable but I personally don’t feel comfortable in using the family to score political points.”

In response to what is being said, Minister Faber did not shy away from Love News when we asked him to comment on what was put out there.


“I will not comment on it primarily because it involves the mother of my children and I will not have anybody put me in a position to say anything negative about the mother of my children. My family means a lot to me I suppose I cannot escape people trying to exploit my personal situation in order to get political gain I think it’s a bit low but some would argue that its fair game but I will not engage in it. I see it as attacks that come because they realize like we say in Kriol you noh stone empty mango tree. So they are now fast realizing that in fact things are looking up in terms of my ambition to be the leader of this country and so they feel that I am a ripe target particularly the opposition and those in the opposition media.”

Despite his personal struggles, Faber has been elected in the last four consecutive general elections by a majority in the Collet division.