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Faber welcomes the challenge from the Opposition in Collet

Area Representative for Collet, Patrick Faber, is getting a new opponent under the People’s United Party.  A few weeks ago, we told you of City Councillor, Oscar Arnold, who has his eyes on the division for the next general election.  Faber has never expressed concerns over any political opposition even when his UDP colleague, John Saldivar ran against in an internal convention.  This time is no different.

Honorable Patrick Faber: “ Last sunday when we were at the celebration of the Belize Chinese Association he was sitting right at the table beside me. We embraced each other and we took a photo together which if you would like I can send it to you. I have always tried to be very civil and descent with my opponents from way back when Remijio Montejo was my opponent. We have had good relationships with those who I have challenged or are challenging me. There were some exceptions to that rule but it wasn’t on my part but I welcome the Deputy Mayor. I see him as worthy opponent and of course when you do your homework you have no fear so I welcome him and I hope we can have a good rivalry in the constituency without deteriorating to any negativity.”

Faber has won several consecutive elections in the Collet division.