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Fabers Road Home Collapses with Child Inside

The home of 28 year old Stephanie Vasquez collapsed this afternoon. Inside the house, which is located in the Faber’s Road extension in an area known as “Bootsville”, was her nine year old son. He was the one who called her while she was at work.

Fabers Road House Collapses 3STEPHANIE VASQUEZ

“I got a call about an hour and a half ago stating that my house fell and I was aware that my son was in there because the school only had half day today. So the first thing that rushed in my mind was if my son was okay and I got a ride and I came home and I saw my neighbors trying to take out what they could take out and see what they could save because the whole house was on the ground.”

Fortunately, Vasquez’s son was not injured.


“Well at the time they had to break open the door to take him out because he was trapped inside. The whole TV stand and everything was coming down on him but thank God he is okay.”


“Would you say that the entire structure is destroyed?”


“No, there is nothing to be salvaged because the house is actually a family house that has been here for many years so the house is basically totaled, there is nothing that you could save of the house at this time.”

Her family came to assist her by moving all her belonging to a safer location. Vasquez has not decided if she will now stay in a shelter or with family members. But she needs help in rebuilding her house.


“My cellphone number is 6345293 and we didn’t save much so whatever anyone can assist us with and you can get me at that number and it will be appreciated.”

That number again is 634-5293. Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.Fabers Road House Collapses