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Fabro & Sharp officially announce their plans to run in upcoming FFB elections

The Football Federation of Belize, FFB, has scheduled its 11 Ordinary Congress for December 2, in Belize City. The posts of FFB President and FFB Vice President will be up for elections. Daniel Fabro and Frank Sharp are offering themselves for the post of President and Vice President respectively. The men called a press conference to publicly launch their campaign as explained by Fabro.


Daniel Fabro

“I don’t know if there will ever be enough time to muster the complete support of all of them but it is our intention to try as best as possible to unit the football family but you are asking about going into the election per se. We are very much aware of the task that we are trying to accomplish is a big one because there are a lot of vested and monied interests involved and it is our hope that by going public with this campaign that the public will become involved in what is the entire process which has always been a hush hush process and that way maybe we can prise away some of those delegates from looking out for their personal interest and possibly put the sport and the country first. That is our intention but we are aware of what we are up against and I know it will be a very difficult task.”

According to Sharp, their mission is to take football in Belize to its full potential.


Frank Sharp

“In my opinion football has actually gone in reverse in terms of the quality and standard of football that we play today. I think that this gives us an opportunity to do something about it. I was told I can sit on the side and complain or can get in and try to do my best to help fix and so if we do that I know it took me almost two weeks to give Daniel a yes to run as his Vice President but I think what Daniel brings to football is that is is involved in football, he is so dedicated through his youth football which I am very passionate about and the different programs that he, there is so much here that won’t be said today that is involved with and does for football I think lends itself to him being a really good president and leader for football in Belize and I think that once I considered all that and all those facts I decided that I was onboard because I think with us in place I think we would head in the right direction.”

“Overwhelmingly it has been a call for change. The players there are lots more people who pledged their support but when it came to doing the video they were also aware to pledge your public support you might be victimized in what Belize is today and so we only got five testimonials but there are a lot more who have expressed to myself privately to me and my time. Players are desperate for change. Some weeks ago I travelled out to San Pedro when the police went to play in San Pedro and I travelled with the San Pedro team and that is all you hear that they need change and the players have become disillusioned not only with football at the highest level but even for the national team. Like what you said some of the most talented players refuse to even go and try out for the national team because I think a lot of them think and most of us do think that the process is flawed that at the end of the day it is not the best players who will be chosen but those who are the favorites of the people in charge rather than the best and so especially the young players they have given up hope and so Frank and I offer them that hope they are looking for.”