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Fabro’s Reaction to FFB’s election

While Ruperto Vicente was surprised with Saturday’s results, Daniel Fabro said it was not shocking to him. Fabro was the underdog in the election but while he thought his new ideas would appeal to the football family, he did not expect to win against Chuc and Vicente.

Daniel Fabro

“I am happy to have participated in this process of this election. I think Frank Sharp and I have brought to the public the complexities –to put it nicely– of the election at the football federation of Belize but it also exposes the hypocrisy of some of these delegates. I think the Belizean public will have to draw their own conclusions on what happened there and hold the twenty delegates accountable for what happened there. I can only congratulate Mr. Chuc and wish him well and hope that football can move forward in a positive way. I believe our ideas were the best; I think the Belizean public overwhelmingly thought our ideas were the best but it’s the twenty delegates who decide they are the ones who I believe are responsible for holding back the football development in Belize and the Belizean public must hold them accountable. For me I was prepared for this; I am at peace with what happened.”

According to Chuc, Fabro had it all wrong. Chuc says he should have focused on the voters themselves.

Sergio Chuc

“We have a statute which is basically the bible for the football federation of Belize. You get familiar with it and you know what to do. That is why I said from the beginning I was not out there doing the public campaign. I was dealing with the people who do the football work, who organize the association. These are the heads; many people are saying we only have twenty votes and it is unfair. There is nothing unfair on that. There are seven associations and one league and these are the people who are playing football around the country organizing football around the country. So, those are the people that make the decision because they are doing the work out there. In Belize, we have a lot of people who talk football but they are not producing the work so you want them to come and elect the leaders and elect the executive. No man, the people who are doing the work out there organizing all these tournaments; those are the people that head each association and the statutes are very clear. They are the one who cast the votes so we have to move on just I think maybe the candidate did not understand the process properly.”

Saturday’s agenda also included the approval of the budget and the FFB’s financial report.