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Factors to Consider When Going to Referendum

On the issue of an upcoming referendum, in a conversation with Ambassador Stuart Leslie, he listed several factors that he would want each Belizean man and woman to consider when the time comes to vote.


“I would want every Belizean hear all the positions.  I would want Belizean people to understand that when we go out there we talk about the advantages of going to the ICJ; I would want them to remember that everything else we have tried in the past has failed. I would want them to hear the position of those people who say “Look there are risks involved in going to court.” I would want them to hear all the advantages, disadvantages and risks of why we should go to the ICJ so they can make an informed decision. The Belizean people are not stupid; when they hear all the arguments and all the points they are going to make the right decision. If that decision in the minds of the Belizean people is a decision to say no then those of us in diplomacy who do this business have to find another way but we believe that we have tried everything and this is one more process that we are trying and so if this process fails we have to go back and figure something else out but right now at this time the option for the Belizean people is after negotiations have failed, facilitation has failed, asking others to come in and help us figure it out , after all of these things have failed let us now go to the institution that is set up to deal with disputes. If you agree then our lawyers tell us if we go based on international law we will win.”