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Faith Nazarene School Burglarized

At around 12:30 this morning Faith Nazarene School in San Ignacio Town was burglarized.  The two thieves gained entry by prying open window louvres.  They broke into seven classrooms and the cafeteria.  They stole several items including a projector, a laptop, and speakers.  Vice Principal Shelan Humes estimates the burglars made off with about $6,000 worth of items. 

Shelan Humes, Vice Principal, Faith Nazarene School: It is very shocking to us and at the same time, very saddening. The whole Faith Nazarene family is saddened because of the incident that happened last night where two individuals around 12, between 12 and 12:30 this morning broke into our facilities. To be exact,. They broke into seven different classrooms and into our cafeteria going away with a lot of valuables, things that would have assisted our students to better themselves academically. To be specific, I believe a laptop was taken, a projector and some personal items belonging to our teachers. At this moment, police are trying to do their investigation to see if we can identify those that are responsible for this tribal act in that they have come and they have taken away from our students what we have worked very hard to get to this point. Even now that we are trying to reopen school for August, it has taken us back a couple of years so to speak because they have gone with, I would estimate somewhere close to $6000 in valuables. So we ask the public to assist us to identify these persons that we will in the near future put through the different platforms like Facebook and whatnot so that they can help us to identify and report it to the police.”

The burglary was caught on camera.