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Fake Bus News Circulated over Social Media

Over the weekend a piece of fake news began circulating that prompted the Ministry of Public Utilities, Energy and Logistics to respond quickly. According to the ministry, the Department of Transport was informed that bus operators were going to block the roads this morning. The report suggested that bus operators were up in arms over the supposed cancellation of certain permits. Minister Rodwell Ferguson says nothing can be further from the truth. Minister Ferguson told Love News that the reports were fake news aimed at the government.

Rodwell Ferguson, Minister of Public Utilities, Energy and Logistics: “Last night I believe a round nine o’clock I got a message that there is going be a road block and busses were not going to run and transport people this morning. So right away I activated my CEO and my transport team and I started to make some calls to see if it was true. We called all the bus operators and they’re saying they do not know anything about any road blockage this morning. So right away I put out a press release saying that whatever was published on Facebook was fake news and all busses were going to run this morning. Just this morning when I got up I got several calls, operators saying that they’re going to run and there is going to be no blockage on the highway. So it was definitely fake news. They were talking about we’re going to take away runs from permanent bus operators to give to Novelos and Z Line and some other bus line. Within the Ministry of Transport there has been no cancelation of runs, everybody has their runs and are running as normal. I believe Eugene Zabaneh have absolutely no intention to come back into the bus industry so all of that is fake news.”

Buses continue to run as per normal.